Standard Series is our most competitive series in Aluminuim doors. It exceeds the finish and quality provided by majority of aluminium door manufactures in the UK. These are called as panel doors as they consist of 28mm double glazed panel fitted in a sash/frame around 60mm wide . This means there is a rebate between thicker frame 60mm and thinner panel 28mm . The mitred finish on the corners of the frame and sash of our doors is much neater than our competitors because most of them either do that manually or don't use the right machines. Moreover, our the panel and sash rebate is considerably less to the front making it aesthetically pleasing. Besides, all our doors  are coated with textured powder coating finish making it less prone to scratches. 

Glasswin produces its own panels unlike other manufacturers who buys panels from other companies , frames coloured from frame supplier and hinges from a third supplier which means their panel , frame and hinges colour may not match 100% . This is why most of small companies can't provide textured finish paint  and only provide smooth finish paint as an option . Glasswin have its own powder coating plant in their factory . This means when we paint panel, hinges and frames together in the same batch to make sure all colour is same. 

See this door series video to understand what is a panel door what 95% of UK manufactures produce , however its not the best way to produce the other series provide much more insulation and security than panel doors. Click here to see video

Standard series

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