OR 534-Silver - GLASSWIN Front Doors
OR 534-Silver - GLASSWIN Front Doors

OR 534-Silver

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This Design is available in all Series. However this particular product is shown for Silver Series Real 7016 , size 2000mm X1000mm as we stock this product for quicker availability to customers .

If you like this design in other Series , colour and size then please go to Main menu - Designs- Ornate Designs and chose OR 534. We can make Door as per your choice of design , Series , colour and sizes on our standard delivery time 4-6 weeks.

Please check Series from the Main Menu to understand detail difference between all series before you buy the product. Basic comparison explained below.


Delivery time for this product is between 5-6 weeks .

* Our Standard Letter Box position is normally on the bottom of the door around 200-300mm higher above the threshold. This varies as per designs. If customer wants different position then they have to send us an email with in 2 days of placing an order. An automatic email will come to customer after placing an order which will have order number and email address for any questions related to order.

* Height and Width : Please make sure you put the right size of Height and Width after discussing with the contractor who will fit your door. Once order is placed and we start production then we cannot change these sizes as doors are specially made as per each customer order. 

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