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Following our success in Germany and France we are now pleased to launch a comprehensive range of high quality Aluminium Entrance Doors in the UK.

Our every door is a perfect combination of style and  security. Each door and frame is precisely manufactured in aluminium thermal profiles using secured multipoint Wink Haus German locking system. Not only this, but the doors can also be customised to RC2 German Security Certification ; a very high standard of security involving use of laminate glass and security pins, making it difficult to break in. 

We use double / tripple/ quadruple toughened insulated glass and our doors range from 0.54 W/m2K to 1.8 W/m2K (U- Value). We use famous high quality German profiles Reynaers and Schuco in our Premier Door Series.

Our range of doors include very wide doors, upto 1250mm wide opening and as high as 2250mm. However, we can provide bespoke doors with side and top glazed panels for larger openings. We have a wide variety of door styles to choose from ranging from £1500 to £6000 ( exclusive of taxes ). Besides our range we can create bespoke door styles of your choice too.

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Unlike others who make only one or two types of Aluminium Door Series we produce six of them. Below you can see our Economical , Mid range and High End Series. We have Aluminium Entrance Doors for customer who are budget conscious or looking for best frames brand names like Schuco from Germany or Reynears from Belgium. Don't worry we also have high security door features not just with multipoint locking system but also with laminate glass along with toughened glass in triple or quadruple glazing for best sound and thermal insulation value. We also provide security pins behind the hinges, thats why burglars hates us. You will certainly find. a dream entrance door for yourself from our 54 Modern, Contemporary and Traditional designs available to choose with or without sidelights . 

Find more about our door series below or give us a call on 03301224562 / email us on and we can help you.

Hybrid Alu-Pvc Glasswin 71mm Series

Economical Series 

71mm frame with 50mm In fill panel. Front of the door is Aluminium including the Frame, Flush door look in the front like composite door, Rear side UPVC, Triple Glazed , Aluminium Threshold,  0.9 U Value. You won't find this door anywhere in UK                                   

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Standard Glasswin 59mm Series

Mid Range Series  

59mm Frame using standard 28mm Aluminium Panel Door with Double Glazed Toughened Glass, Structural Powder coat Finish, Aluminium Threshold, sidelight options, 1200mm Stainless Steel Outside handle, Multipoint Locking system..                   

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Silver Glasswin 58mm series

Mid Range Series

59mm Frame using 55mm Infill panel. Almost Flush look from the front and no bead required in rear side. High Insulation, triple glazed with laminate and toughened glass security features with Multipoint Locking system. Sidelight available.

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Gold Reynaers 77mm Series

High End Series

77mm Flush Aluminium Door using Reynaers ( Belgium Thermal insulated Profile). Our Value for money Range in High end Series. Reynaers Hinges, Aluminium Threshold, High Security features with Quadruple Glazed Toughened Glass , Laminate glass with Security pins option available.                                    

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Platinum Schuco 75mm Series

High End Series  

75mm Schuco Profile Flush Door, Hidden Sash, Schuco Hinges, Schuco Inside Handle, Schuco Cylinder, Quadruple Glazing with toughened glass, Threshold at the bottom,  High end Structural Powder coating paint Finish. Very good Thermal insulation U value of 0.82                                             

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Diamond Schuco 90mm Series

High End Series

Our Best 90mm Flush Door with Hidden Schuco 90mm Sash, Schuco Hinges, Schuco Inside Handle, Schuco Cylinder, Quadruple Glazing with Toughened Glass, threshold at the bottom,  High end Structural Powder coating paint Finish. and best U value of 0.54

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Silver Series Front Look

Our Silver Series Door Leaf only shows a very small border of the sash, hence its look is like a flush door in front. When the door closes you cant even see this border from a distance.

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Silver Series rear side doesnt require any bead unlike standard series . Hence a more neater look. There is hardly any rebate becuase the panel thickness is 55mm and frame thickness is 58.4mm. This is the main reason of the rebate between its sash and panel is very less. Hinges used are in same colour as the door at rear. It can be white or same colur as front side.

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Security pins with RC2 option

When you choose RC2 option you get 2 or 3 security pins which lock your door frame and door leaf behind hinges. This means its not just securred where your door is secured both sides. With RC2 option you also get laminate glass second layer to make your glazing more secured. All other glasses will be toughned.

Concealed Hinges for Gold Series

You can chose to have concelaed hinges on your door which means you wont see hinges when you close the door. We have this option for Gold Reynaers 77mm and Platinum Schuco 75mm Series.

SCHUCO RC2 Cylinder with Security keys

When you choose our Platinum Schuco 75 mm or Diamond Schuco 90mm Series , then you have an option to choose RC2 and have Schuco Security Cylinder with these special keys. in Shcuco RC2 option you also get security pins behind Schuco hinges along with kaminate (second layer of glass) included.

6 pin Security Cylinder

We use 6 Pin security cylinder in all our series for all doors even without an RC2 option.