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Let’s discover our Door Series 

Glasswin offers one of the finest selections of high performance front doors. They are of all sizes to fit in any project and we are providing to offer diverse designs and sizes. Our vast array of aluminium doors is quite simply the most luxurious range of doors in the UK Market today. We’re proud to deliver doors that guarantees unrivalled security, unique colour options, and optimal energy efficiency.

Let’s create a bright and luxurious feeling for your home

Our massive range of bespoke glass door series will let you transform the front of your home to create a chic, open, modern or contemporary feel. Our doors blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior and can give airy look in your home that doesn’t compromise privacy but maintains a bright and modern feel.

Let’s explore our door series that make us experts in the fine art of aluminium Doors:

Hybrid Al-UPVC Series ( 50mm Triple Glazed Front Aluminium and rear UPVC Door )

So you love the durability of uPVC but want the look and feel of an Aluminium door? Well, this is the perfect fit for you. It has aluminium extrusion on the front covering the moving frame or sash. While the rear side is uPVC, this door offers a thick profile of 71 mm.  The aluminium cover gives the effect of uniform look to the entire façade, giving a stylish exterior that eliminates the appearance of bulky hardware.  Powder coated aluminium gives you better paint finish as compared to composite doors which fades quickly in sun. Featuring 3D hinges , German multipoint interlock system and triple glazed glass unit, this series has a lot to offer.

  • Aluminium Powder coated finish in front and UPVC in rear side
  • Triple Glazed glass in designs which have glass in door.
  • Low Aluminium threshold( bottom frame) at bottom
  • Hidden Sash in Front 
  • 3D hinges with German 3 point locking system.
  • Good Thermal value.

Don’t know what is sash? Well, sash is actually a part of framework together that forms the moving part of the door – also known as door leaf. You can easily understand the concept by visualizing the window in your house. In windows, we’ve got a fixed frame that’s fixed / embedded in to the walls and there’s the other frame that opens the window inside or out. In that part, we’ve got the frame and the glass is fixed inside that frame is termed as “sash” while the glass is the glazed panel. In windows, sash is thicker than the glazed panel and in the similar manner, the frame of the panel door is thicker than the inset panel. (Refer the exhibit below)


Standard Glasswin Panel Door Series ( Double Glazed 28mm Panel used in 58mm frame)

If you’re a one that still loves the classic panel door for your house’s front, this series has a lot to offer. It’s a star performer that has 28mm panel along with profile of 59mm thickness. The standout feature of this series is the inset decorative panel that is structurally bonded as an integral part of the structure. Although you won’t get flush and seamless appearance in this series but the decorative panels are amazingly attractive that can give your visitors a welcoming feeling. It’s highly economical along with better quality in comparison to other most doors makers in UK. The doors we produced have clean lines, better corner finish and most importantly, less rebate between panel and sash and that’s why our series look aesthetically pleasant.Another standout feature among our doors is that we use door profile instead of Bifold door profile that’s been used by companies like Origin and that’s not the correct way of making a front door.

  • Full Aluminium Panel Door using 28mm panel in 58mm frame,
  • Outside Look you see Frame and Sash both like any other glazed door or window.
  • Powder coated finish 
  • Double glazed where ever door have glass in design.
  • Panel thickness is  
  • Low Aluminium Threshold ( Bottom frame)
  • German 3 point locking system
  • Moderate Thermal value 



Glasswin Silver Series (55mm Triple Glazed Panel used In 58mm frame)

Want some premium experience in reasonable cost? Our silver series comprises of aluminium doors using triple glazed toughened glass designs, having sleek sash that is hardly visible upon closing the door. The rebate between sash and the panel is only 2 mm making it less cluttered then standard panel aluminium door. The door uses a profile of 59mm with 55mm infill panel. So, give your house a perfect retreat with our silver series aluminium doors. It costs you only few bucks more than that of standard series but give you highly efficient and thicker infill making it perfect and highly economical choice. So, if you want some subtle industrial charm in your home’s exterior; this door is a perfect match. 

Want to create a strong first impression without breaking the bank? These series of doors are designed to make a home feel welcoming with variety of colours combined with perfection make your front entry really inviting.

  • Full Aluminium Bonded Door using 55mm panel in 58mm frame.
  • Hidden Sash look in front of the door ( Only one Frame look in front)
  • Powder coated finish 
  • Triple glazed where ever door have glass in design.
  • Low Aluminium Threshold ( Bottom frame)
  • German 3 point locking system
  • Good Thermal value 



Door with Sidelight in Silver Series and other High end Series below

Our Silver Series or High end Series mentioned below ( Gold , Platinum and Diamond) can be made with sidelight all in one piece without any joints using common frame between door and sidelight providing you a good elegant finish and more strength to door . This also gives advantage of giving bigger door leaf and more glass in sidelight in same opening when compared to other companies who does door and sidelight in separate pieces having extra aluminium frames taking space of sidelight glass and door leaf space.

High End premium quality aluminium doors

Looking to add value to the front of your house with impeccable style doors? Search no further - as our premium series of aluminium doors can provide you enhanced experience of superior quality with seamless products. These quality aluminium doors provide excellent thermal performance as well as enhanced U-values due to schuco profile that is world best aluminium profile and gives you the best insulation value and strength in profile. This collection of beautifully engineered aluminium doors can give you the dream entrance you’ve always desired for. All the doors in these series provide impregnable security and safety with its robust structure and multi-point locking mechanism.

Gold Reynaers 77mm Series (77mm Quadruple Glazed Flush Door Leaf)

Need to stand-out among neighbours? Replacing your entrance door with utterly extraordinary aluminium doors from our Gold Reynaers series can add the best value to your property. The doors in this series are value for money as it uses Reynaers profile that is a good Belgium profile brand in the market. Anyhow, they are cheaper to the schuco profile which comes with our high-end premium doors. So, stop wasting money on ordinary doors when you can get ultimate weather-resistant door that allow zero air to pass through. Featuring with a 77mm German Profile by Reynaers you get a flush door with hidden sash gives your home’s exterior a perfect uniform look at the façade. Our doors from Gold series blend perfectly with your outer space. The designs we offer make an entryway look elegant without even trying. The doors in this series are similar to Schuco platinum 75mm series as it uses 77 mm Reynaers profile that is completely flush. If offers insulation value of 0.82 ~ 0.85.

 This series is fully loaded with enhanced security options and the quadruple glazed toughened glass just takes its thermal efficiency to the next level.

  • Full Aluminium Bonded Door using 77mm panel in 77mm frame.
  • Flush Look ( door close at same level as frame and one frame look inside and outside both )
  • Powder coated finish 
  • Quadruple glazed where ever door have glass in design.
  • Low Aluminium Threshold ( Bottom frame)
  • German 3 point locking system
  • Very Good Thermal value 



Platinum Schuco 75mm Series (75mm Quadruple Glazed Flush Door Leaf)

Our next premium series is Platinum Schuco Series that comprises of complete flush door. Featuring with a Schuco profile of 75 mm, the infill panel is also of 75 mm that gives it a flawless appearance that is ideal for exterior doors. Featuring with schuco hardware including cylinders, inner handles, and hinges these doors give you the premium feel. Because of enhanced security options, quadruple glazed toughened glass, and enhanced thermal efficiency, our series has started to seduce more and more homeowners. With standard German Security options this series is a fully loaded version that we’re proud of.

Your house doesn’t deserve a cheap entry door. It deserves an entry door with real protection robust and solid stature. Afterall it’s the first element that everyone analyses when visiting your home. It has to be the focal point of your front façade and we make sure you get the variety of interesting and eye-catching designs to impress visitors’ right from the start. The doors in our premium series are not just stronger doors but they also have the highest insulation value.

  • Full Aluminium Bonded Door using 75mm panel in 75mm frame.
  • Flush Look ( door close at same level as frame and one frame look inside and outside both )
  • Powder coated finish 
  • Quadruple glazed where ever door have glass in design.
  • Low Aluminium Threshold ( Bottom frame)
  • Schuco 3 point locking system with Schuco Hinges and Schuco Lock and S Schuco inside handle.
  • Very Good Thermal value 

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF SCHUCO PLATINUM 75mm SERIES ( Conceal hinges and conceal handle)



Diamond Schuco 90mm Series (90mm Quadruple Glazed Flush Door Leaf)

When it comes to entry door, you should never settle for less. The entry door has to be of ultimate quality with symmetrical and modern design. If you need such qualities, take a look at our Diamond Schuco Series that is on our top notch series. It is solid and robust door with variety of options. It is made to make your house’s entryway as glamorous and chic as it can be with an obvious modern look.

With a 90 mm thick German Profile that’s fully flush with a hidden sash; it’s a purchase you’ll feel proud of throughout your life. The door in this series comprises of schuco profile and hardware from schuco like cylinders, inner handles and hinges. It’ll make you feel happy to see at the end of a long work day. With impenetrable locks and variety of security features; it just gives you the sense of protection and ultimate fortification.

Worried of extreme weathers? Don’t worry it can take care of high winds, heavy rains, and humidity without even making a scratch. So, get a bold statement with a stylish door that is as sturdy as a rock.

  • Full Aluminium Bonded Door using 90mm panel in 90mm frame.
  • Flush Look ( door close at same level as frame and one frame look inside and outside both )
  • Powder coated finish 
  • Quadruple glazed where ever door have glass in design.
  • Low Aluminium Threshold ( Bottom frame)
  • Schuco 3 point locking system with Schuco Hinges and Schuco Lock and S Schuco inside handle.
  • Very Good Thermal value 


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Still don’t know what style or category to choose? Don’t worry and never try to jump to conclusion as front door says a lot about your home. So, try hard to make it look modern, welcoming, and comfortable with flair of our industrial excellence.