High  Quality Door Frames- Schuco and Reynears Profiles  used by Glasswin Front Doors

High Quality Door Frames- Schuco and Reynears Profiles used by Glasswin Front Doors

There are several profiles (Frames ) available in the market. Profile companies who make these frames generally make frames and sell to windows and doors companies.  Such profile companies normally don’t make their own doors expect few of them.
Some of the good profile companies who make Aluminium front door frames are:-


This is a German profile company which started in 1954 is now a world leader brand name in aluminium profile market and of course the most expensive too. However the profile/Frame is very strong and highly insulated.


Found is founded in 1965 and is part of the group Reynaers, currently employing over 2322 workers in more than 40 countries worldwide and exporting to more than 70 countries on 5 continents. This is a company from Belgium which makes very good quality profile for doors too.
Glasswin Front Doors uses Reynaers profile in our Gold Reynaers Series and Schuco Profile in our Platinum and Diamond Schuco Series Doors.  In our other Series like Standard and Silver Glasswin Front Door uses thermal profile which is extruded for them for these Series.


Profiles used by other companies in UK.

There are very few companies in the UK who use proper front door profile ( as mentioned above like Schuco , Reynaers etc ) for making a good quality aluminium front doors. Many companies like Origin uses Bifold doors profile in their front doors, which is not a good and professional way to make a good quality aluminium front door.  Many other companies use some cheaper profile from Spain , Portugal and china to reduce the cost.

Colour Matching for Door Panel and Door Frame

Many door producer in UK doesn’t produce its own Panel and own Frames.  Frames are normally produced by special companies who specialise in frames like mentioned above. However if Front door producer doesn't make its own panel this means they don't have all technology to produce complete door themselves, which means compromise in things like paint quality. That is the reason you will always see the panel colour and frame colour will never match 100% because they both are produced by different companies using different colour company.
Glasswin Aluminium Front Doors produce its own panel and gets frame from frame supplier without any colour. This enables Glasswin to paint both frame and panel in same colour together while producing the door, hence colour for door panel and door frame is 100% matching. Glasswin uses Structural Powder coating paint finish on the doors which is very high quality paint as compared to most of the other UK companies who use just smooth plain matt/shiny finish powder coating paint because structural paint finish is expensive and not easily available too.
Structural paint is a high quality paint and is less prone to scratches as other type of smooth finish paint . Smooth finish paint creates finger prints where are structural paint doesn't.