Our Six Door Series

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Selecting the right Door Series for your budget and needs 
The cost of a door depends on the series you choose. Although most designs can be crafted using any of the six series available, it is the door series that determines the final cost. To receive a quote, it is essential to indicate which door series you require. Therefore, having a clear understanding of the different door series is crucial to selecting the one that suits your budget and needs.

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Our standard series is the most economical series and the most common type of Aluminium door in the market.

Mid range 
Silver Series is our best selling series, as it looks great with almost flush door look, has good thermal value and buget friendly.

High end
Our Schuco series doors, both Platinum and Diamond Series, are top class doors with complete flush look, super thermal value and excellent security.

Standard Series 

Our Standard Door Series is most economical series. This kind of Aluminium Panel Door is most common in the market. The door comes with a 28mm thick aluminium panel set in a frame of 59mm. It is double glazed and has a rebated look. 

Silver Series
Value for Your Money 

 Unbeatable Value for Your Money Our Silver Series is an upgrade from the Standard Series (28mm panel door series), as it provides unbeatable value for your money. These doors boast aluminum frames and triple-glazed, toughened glass designs with a slim sash that is hardly visible when the door is shut. The profile measures 59mm with a 55mm infill panel. Trust us, this series is the ultimate blend of durability and affordability.

Gold Reynaers Series

Discover Reynaers 77mm German Profile:
A Revolutionary Flush Door with Unmatched Security and Efficiency.
Reynaers 77mm German Profile is a revolutionary flush door that boasts cutting-edge security features and quadruple glazed toughened glass. Its unique design also provides unbeatable thermal efficiency, making it the perfect fit for any environment.

Platinum Series 
Schuco 75

Introducing the 75mm Schuco Profile Series: 
We're thrilled to present our highend series – the 75mm Schuco Profile. One of its standout features is the flush door with quadruple glazed toughened glass, which not only enhances security but also makes it highly energy-efficient.

Diamond Series 
Schuco 90

Introducing the 90mm Schuco Profile Series:
We are pleased to announce the launch of the 90mm Schuco Profile Series, which features a flush door that is equipped with advanced security options, and quadruple glazed toughened glass. These features make it highly energy-efficient and a great addition to any space.

Our Partners

Our high end range of doors are produced using the profiles from world renowned brands like Reynaers and Schuco

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