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10 Reasons to buy Aluminium Front Doors

Whether you’re looking to buy doors for your new home or are you’re up for a home renovation, aluminium front doors are a perfect fit - being robust, durable, and easy to maintain.

Aluminium front doors have come a long way since their inception in the UK Door industry. With enhanced manufacturing technologies and improvements in crafting products, aluminium entrance doors have become the choice of modern architects and homeowners.

There’s a plethora of reasons why aluminium entrance doors have excelled in the UK home industry. Homeowners love their sleek, slim lines and resultantly stylish exterior facades. It is a more stylish and secure alternative to other competing materials like traditional wooden front doors.

Still not sure about why should you prefer aluminium entrance doors over uPVC, timber or composite front doors? Don’t worry, we know that deciding a door is quite overwhelming but to make it simple, we’ve made this guide about reasons to buy aluminium front doors.

Excellent mechanical properties

Aluminium, without a doubt, is a robust and durable material with excellent mechanical properties. It performs best against temperature fluctuations and you don’t have to worry about warping or other defects in areas of sunshine and high temperatures. Due to such stable mechanical properties, they offer highly exact dimensions that remain unaltered throughout life. So, forget about the expansions or contractions.

Best Insulation Properties

Due to highly exact and unaltered dimensions, aluminium doors are best known to provide maximum tightness against air and water. Thanks to developments in thermal technology and continuous research, aluminium doors sets perfectly fit between the frame and the sash. So, there’s no room for any air or energy leakage and this makes the aluminium front door the best insulated door in the market.

Due to such high levels of insulation, they are suitable for passive buildings with almost zero energy consumption. These high-performance aluminium front doors can exceed energy efficiency standards and can achieve improvements in heat gain and heat loss by a greater percentage. These doors will protect your home from undesired temperatures and extreme environments. In contrast, timber and uPVC doors do expand and contract which not only makes door opening a difficult thing to do but it also causes insulation issues.

Weather Resistance

Aluminium entrance doors have natural weather-resistant properties and high reflectivity. They are resistant to the elements, harsh winters, and the scorching heat of the sun in summer. Because of its resistance to UV rays, it looks new even after decades of use and that further contributes to the preservation of the temperature on the home interior during the summer.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation is very important for door frames, especially when you’re living in urban environments that have high noise pollution. Because of tight sealing of the aluminium doors, no gaps are left for the sound waves to pass, giving it high level of sound insulation. Multiple glazing in door panels offer incomparably higher sound insulation as compared with simple glass panel.

Practically maintenance-free

Another great reason to buy aluminium doors is that they are practically maintenance free. Whether you’re living along the cost or any other area of the world, aluminium doors retain their performance and aesthetics throughout their lifetime. Aluminium exterior doors have natural resistance to corrosion or rusting and that makes it maintenance free. Besides, they are strong and robust and so they are capable of lasting decades without the need for significant repair. So, you never have to paint or stain the frame, unlike timber and they will also never rot, peel or flake. You just have to clean or lubricate the moving parts to make sure they look bright and operate smoothly for a long time.


Are you looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable material for you doors? Don’t look further, because aluminium is arguably the most sustainable material and is extremely constructive. It’s non-toxic and is almost endlessly recyclable and can be recycled a countless number of times. That’s the reason why experts call it as “green” metal.  The best thing about aluminium is – it can be melted down, hammered into shape and then reformed quite easily.

Strong & Secure

Living in high-windy areas? Don’t worry aluminium doors are structurally strong and that’s why they are ideal for your main door. They offer high levels of security due to solid construction and deter possible intruders. Front Doors from Glasswin are famous for their anti-burglar protection and they work effectively with a large number of mechanisms and accessories.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aluminium Entrance doors offer limitless design flexibility along with enormous colour and texture palette. The aesthetic value allows you to shape your house’s exterior the way you desire. There’s no limit in terms of design choices, dimensions, and surface treatment.  

Trendy Looks

Because of robustness of aluminium door frame, you can achieve larger spans for maximum natural light and there’s no danger of frames bending or twisting. Because of seductive looks, such designs are quite trendy among homeowners. Thus, aluminium front doors help you go trendy flawlessly.  

Fire Resistance

Aluminium doors, being thermally stable, don’t help fire spread and in fact, they limit it. In contrast to competing materials, it absorbs and removes a large portion of the heat produced by the fires. Even at 660 degrees Celsius, upon melting, it does slow down the speed of fire without any flammable or toxic gasses.

Cost Effective

Aluminium entrance doors not only help you save energy expenses in the long run but also offer extraordinary qualities of easy maintenance and durability. Because of affordability, an aluminium door is an economical solution for any domestic and commercial project. Besides, they last long and are thus a good long-term investment. Because of trendy designs and aesthetic looks, they offer a high return on investment and are thus ideal for renovation projects. 

Time to buy Aluminium Entrance Doors

Still confused? Don’t worry, we’ve many more reasons to share to help you choose the best front door for your home. Give us a call at 03301224562 or email us at sales@glasswin.co.ukand we’ll be happy to serve you.

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