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Difference Between InFill Aluminium Front Door and Aluminium Panel Front door ?

In this section we would be covering the difference between an Infill Door and a Panel door and why infill doors are better than panel doors.

What is an Infill Door ?

Infill door is a door where there is minimal difference between the door sash and the door panel thickness, rendering the door almost flush. For example if the door sash is 60 mm thick the infill panel would be 55 mm thick, with a negligible recess of 2-3 mm.  Hence, most of the door leaf ( around 90%) is quite thick, giving the door better thermal value. Please see the section through the Infill Aluminium Front Door below for more clarity.

 Aluminium Infill Front Door

Section through an Aluminium Infill Front Door 


What is an Aluminium Panel Door?

Most manufacturers of Aluminium doors in the UK , make only Aluminium panel doors, as these are much more easier to manufacture as compared to the  infill flush aluminium doors. 

Aluminium panel doors are made on the same principle as uPVC doors, where a 28 mm panel is fitted in a frame of  around 50-70 mm thickness. Hence the total thickness of the complete door is not 50-70 mm, only the frame is that thick with most of the door ( 90% of the door)  being only 28 mm thick. This leads to poor thermal performance of the door as compared to a door of complete thickness of 55-60 mm. Moreover, when you view the door from front, you would see a frame of approximately 70-80 mm wide with a recessed panel as compared to the flush look the infill panel door will have.  

The U- value of standard panel doors is around 1.8W/m2Kwhich though meets UK standards, is not the optimum thermal value which one can achieve with a good quality aluminium front door.

 Aluminium Panel Front Door

 Section through the Aluminium Panel Front Door 


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